A Subterranean, Treasure Hunting Adventure Where Greed Knows No Bounds...


  • Developer: ADSentertainment/Adam D. Smith

  • Release date: January 29, 2021

  • Price: $6.99


After a mine collapse while on the search for leftover gold, Michael Miner finds himself trapped in the depths of a vast, forgotten cavern! Luckily for him, this cavern houses the ruins, and treasures of a lost civilization, and if Michael's gonna escape from these lost caves, he surely will not do it empty-handed...

Lost Caves takes you through the depths of a vast cavern with treasure around nearly every corner! The more treasure you find and collect, the wealthier you become, and the wealthier you become, the further you can delve into these caves to find a way out! Aiming to take the collect-a-thon genre and flatten it to 2 Dimensions, levels are labyrinthine and open-ended, with no right or wrong way to explore or solve puzzles to collect treasure!


With its emphasis on exploration, Lost Caves provides a platforming experience unlike any other!


  • Four open-ended, sandbox-style levels, with there being no right or wrong way to explore!

  • A pickaxe to whack away your problems, allowing you to defeat monsters, and interact with the environment in a variety of ways!

  • Wealth to be obtained from treasure and coins scattered about. The more wealthy you become, the further you can advance into the caves!

  • Over 80 different unique treasures to be discovered!

  • Over 15 different types of monsters and hazards that call these caves home!

  • 2 formidable bosses!

  • An authentic pixel art style that mixes 8-bit and 16-bit aesthetics!

  • Catchy and authentic chiptune music!

  • 1 to 3 hours of content, which can vary, depending on your play-style!


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Doom Statue Bridge Chase
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Skull Pogo
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Death Guillotines
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Hidden Hive
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Skull Chamber
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Lava Rock
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Tunnel Of Skulls
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Doom Statue Chase
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Blue Boulder Blaster
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The Hoard
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Pick Spin
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Artwork & Logos/Icons

Lost Caves Logo.png
Lost Caves Concept Title Art Updated02.j
Lost Caves Title Art Pixelated.png


  • Adam D. Smith: developer

  • Aardbei: music