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Michael Miner, in an effort to get rich quick, decides to go to one of the old California gold mines to do some prospecting. After digging out what he thinks is gold, he inadvertently causes the entire mine around him to collapse! The ground suddenly opens up under him and he falls deep into the earth. He miraculously survives this fall, but he finds that he is trapped in a giant complex of caverns. These are no ordinary caves, though. No, these caves happen to house the ruins of an ancient, subterranean civilization! Michael's no idiot, and he knows that where there are ancient ruins as untouched as these, that there's treasure just waiting to be found. And if Michael's escaping these caves, he's not about to do it empty handed...


Lost Caves puts you in control of Michael Miner, a young miner who is trapped in a deep, massive complex of caves. Your main goal is to collect treasure in chests scattered around levels to increase your wealth. Some chests may be easily accessible, but others may require precise platforming and puzzle solving. If your wealth is high enough, doors will unlock, granting you access to other parts of the caves.

In these caves, however, you are not alone, and the denizens that lurk within do not take lightly to your presence. You'll have to rely on your trusty pickaxe to defend yourself against whatever lives in these caves in order to make it out alive...



Adam D. Smith

Lost Caves is being developed solely by Adam D. Smith. Conceiving of the idea in mid-2011, Adam got his first true start on Lost Caves' development in 2017 as a class project in college. The game would go on to win an award the next year, and was on display at a tech expo in 2019. Adam currently handles nearly all aspects of Lost Caves' development, including game and level design, art direction, programming, and a little music, while also using music with permission from Aardbei.

Adam enjoys many classic video games including Super Metroid, Super Mario World, Sonic the Hedgehog 3, and Kirby Super Star, many of which he uses for inspiration when developing games.

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